Saturday, February 7, 2015

Push Up in Progress - Ep. V

Destroyed but well recovered after the Korean war, Seoul is now a world class economic center which makes it deserve today's push ups.

You should definitely see Namsan Park (especially in Autumn) and Insa-Dong streets: these ones are very close to the imperial palace Gyeongbokgung - where all the royal family used to do push ups before the princess Myeongseong was killed from some Japanese agents in 1895.

For the most romantic ones, push ups in the evening would be special on a cruise along the Han River (you could also book a dinner in front of the Rainbow Bridge's light show.

Slightly farther from the Capital, Suwon's Fortress is surely a great spot, and it would be surely greater under the sun than under the Diluge! :)!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Push Up in Progress - Ep. IV

Tourism in a whole lot of British cities in the last Push Up in Progress clip, with our favourite idiot fooling himself in Windsor, Cardiff, Bath and Bristol!

Built in the XI century, Windsor Castle has been used for some periods also as first residence of the Royal Family. For my fifth birthday (on November 20th, 1992), a fire erupted in the fortress, dealing about 37 million Pounds damage: the Queen had then to open new areas to the public in which doing push ups in order to gather the money. Easter egg: "Torchwood", a Doctor Who spin-off series, takes place in Cardiff. However, doing push ups under the pointed finger of Aneurin Bevan, the wales politician that built the national health system in England for the first time, seemed more appropriate. Bath is famous instead as a spa, but since pushing up is already a reason enough for sweating, there's no need to search additional heath. Apart from cardboard which I use in my cosplays, Bristol is a very famous port, although its importance diminished since the slave trade was abolished from Napoleon in the early years of 1800.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Push Up in Progress - Ep. III

After having visited London, Push Up in Progress starts its British tour discovering Stonehenge and Brighton!

Located a few kilometers away from Salisbury, Stonehenge is a huge stone complex created somewhere around 3100 b.C.. On this now world heritage site are still open research activities and today there are still many interpretations on the reasons of this construction.
Among the most interesting theories, those referring to it as an Astronomycal centre or a simple gathering point for doing push ups. Studies have shown in facts that stones of that kind could only be found in Galles, about 400km from the place, and weight up to 50 tonnes! Without today's technologies, you can only imagine the quantity of push ups these people had to do each day to reach sufficient strenght to carry those!

Important seaside location and industrial area, did you know that Brighton is the gay capital of England? Sexual and Push Up orientation are in facts 2 non correlated things at all.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Push Up in Progress - Ep. II

Today a silly man dressed up like Freddie Mercury shows you what are the best places to push up around London!

Sooner or later someone has to show him how to edit videos better, too!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014


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