I have always liked to travel, and no doubt I was born extravagant.

Now, can you imagine something that fits less than some push-ups on a sunset landscape? Many of you would dare say "a broken washing machine!" or "Justin Bieber singing!", but I am very environmentally conscious and surely I wouldn't want to damage people's hearing. Plus, having Justin Bieber singing every time I'm on holiday would be damn expensive.

When you travel you often walk too much and may not have time to build strength on your upper body for balancing the legs' work. Push ups are a indeed a really good training to keep you healthy! And a healthy body is especially welcome since to refill your energy you could be having an apple soon after, grabbing it with the same hands that you just put on the ground. Maybe in a muddy place in New Delhi or in some dusty suburb in Romania.

As all of you knows, a clean body is a sign of wasted life, and if everytime you want to take a shower you could just think that in 10 minutes you could have done at least 100 push ups instead... well, maybe you would have taken that shower anyway.

Besides, I am answering to a different question and "no, I can't bring a shower in the middle of Angkor Wat or the Coliseum!"... so, just enjoy the push ups, and if you want to watch me doing something else just use some video editor!

I'm stupid, and this is just what you will get from this blog.

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