Thursday, September 18, 2014

Push Up in Progress - Ep. III

After having visited London, Push Up in Progress starts its British tour discovering Stonehenge and Brighton!

Located a few kilometers away from Salisbury, Stonehenge is a huge stone complex created somewhere around 3100 b.C.. On this now world heritage site are still open research activities and today there are still many interpretations on the reasons of this construction.
Among the most interesting theories, those referring to it as an Astronomycal centre or a simple gathering point for doing push ups. Studies have shown in facts that stones of that kind could only be found in Galles, about 400km from the place, and weight up to 50 tonnes! Without today's technologies, you can only imagine the quantity of push ups these people had to do each day to reach sufficient strenght to carry those!

Important seaside location and industrial area, did you know that Brighton is the gay capital of England? Sexual and Push Up orientation are in facts 2 non correlated things at all.

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