Saturday, February 7, 2015

Push Up in Progress - Ep. V

Destroyed but well recovered after the Korean war, Seoul is now a world class economic center which makes it deserve today's push ups.

You should definitely see Namsan Park (especially in Autumn) and Insa-Dong streets: these ones are very close to the imperial palace Gyeongbokgung - where all the royal family used to do push ups before the princess Myeongseong was killed from some Japanese agents in 1895.

For the most romantic ones, push ups in the evening would be special on a cruise along the Han River (you could also book a dinner in front of the Rainbow Bridge's light show.

Slightly farther from the Capital, Suwon's Fortress is surely a great spot, and it would be surely greater under the sun than under the Diluge! :)!

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